Anne Marie Murphy


{Anne Marie Murphy}

The owner and founder of Eastern Script is Anne Marie Murphy. Resident of Kingston, Ontario, she was born and raised in New England. After completing an undergraduate degree cum laude in English Literature from Bowdoin College, she worked at various jobs in the film industry in both Boston and Los Angeles before returning to school to complete a Master’s degree at the UCLA Film School in Critical Studies summa cum laude. She opened Eastern Script in 1993, having seen the need for the first script clearance house to exist outside of Los Angeles county. She has been a full member of AIIP for almost 20 years ("As a leading voice of the independent information industry, AIIP is an essential resource for its more than 400 info entrepreneur members located in over 20 countries around the world"). She is also a voting member of the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television. Here are some of her job titles from 30+ years of varied experience in the entertainment industry:

  • · researcher, Marshall/Plumb Research Associates in Burbank, CA
    · winner, UCLA’s Plitt Award for “outstanding research/writing on film exhibition history”
    · director, Melnitz Movies, a sneak preview & speakers program of the UCLA Film Archive
    · researcher, Target: Prime Time (Oxford University Press)
    · manager, cinemas and live theatre in Boston, MA, and Austin, TX
    · assistant film booker, New England cinema chain of art houses, multiplexes, drive-ins
    · office manager, Boston area educational video production company
    · freelance writer, newspapers in Boston and Los Angeles

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Denise Archer

{Denise Archer}

This mother of three boys and a beagle got the job by picking up the phone many years ago and asking: “Are you hiring? This sounds interesting” (or something equally masochistic). She is one of several in-house examples of what can happen when you intend to be a teacher and make a silly phone call that sends you down a years-long primrose path. Through her, we are now all confident that blonde Elementary Education majors have more fun.

Jamie Desrochers

{Jamie Desrochers}

Our gift from the gods of technology (computer programmer analyst degree), he is the proud parent of an English bull dog (did not actually give birth to him, though). He wears various hats at Thursday gig night but typically defaults to bass guitar. He can build and/or repair pretty much anything under a hood or roof or inside a computer. 100% Calgary Flames fan.

Robin Gautreau

{Robin Gautreau}

The second of three staffers who has three sons, still not sure how she squeezes in working full-time. In the camp of “white vs. red” she is fully in the white camp (wine, that is). Spent years in corporate public relations so knows how to sugar coat our pills. Another staffer who started out to be a teacher but took a wrong turn into clearances somehow…an avid book clubber (English major).

Cathy Gleason

{Cathy Gleason}

She is the third staff member with three sons (something in the water?) and another who started out in childhood education then detoured into corporate legal (elevators, stockings, commuter rail) before getting the call from her sister: “Do you think we could work together?” Thirteen years later the answer is still “YES! SAVE ME FROM CORPORATE MADNESS!”

Christine Somerleigh

{Christine Somerleigh}

College degree was in no way related to clearances. Nor were the 15+ jobs that followed–she stopped counting (retail, legal, public relations, architecture, bookkeeping, data entry, church admin., etc.). “When I was told I was an expert at anything I would run for the hills, that meant my learning curve was over.” What attracted her to this profession: a desire to be always learning, this is a job that provides an endless learning curve. Self-professed “red wine fly.”

Cathy Spencer

{Cathy Spencer}

A U of T grad and avid book clubber who worked at library bookmobiles through high school & university summers before going full-time after university into the reference dept. Hates clearing periodical titles. White wine over red wine anyday. Mother of three humans and a West Highland terrier. Newly adept at stocking and enjoying her wood stove while tearing into the next installment of anything about the Tudors. She is a crossword puzzle afficionado–especially the Globe and Mail Christmas crosswords.

Mark Woodland

{Mark Woodland}

We love his U.K. via New Zealand accent and of course, his photographs. With a resume that included “managed the ambassador’s daily schedule,” how could we close the door on him? Further armed with a certificate in “Grammar Essentials for Writers & Editors,” he knocked the door down. He enjoys offbeat North American road trips in search of visual morsels for his camera. His beautiful dog usually gets a nice mid-day break from clearance monotony. 100% pro-crunchy peanut butter, in a pub he’s a light lager man.