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At EASTERN SCRIPT, we specialize in providing research services for the entertainment industry.

The company has enjoyed growth every year since its inception in 1993 primarily due to its reputation for unparalleled reliability and a genuine desire for customer satisfaction. The company employs nine researchers in Canada and the U.S. where they:

  • · analyze scripts then produce clearance reports…

    Clearance reports are usually required to secure errors and omissions insurance for film and television productions. These reports identify elements in the script which may expose a production to claims such as invasion of privacy, libel, copyright and trademark infringement. Our reports suggest solutions to potential problems and contain detailed contact information for rights holders.
  • · prepare title searches…

    Title searches detail the history of the use of the title you have selected for your project, listing the extent of its appearance in many media (film, television, publishing, music, etc.). A good title search includes enough sources to give you confidence that your project title will not be confused with another when it is ready for release.
  • · conduct pre-merchandising character name searches…

    Our extensive character name checking sources combined with trademark searching have proved particularly useful for the producer who intends to create a merchandise line featuring the characters in a production. This specialized research is often part of our work for animated productions.

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