Anne Marie Murphy

Anne Marie Murphy

{Speaking Gigs}

Anne Marie visits frequently with clients to discover how the company can improve its offerings. She shares her expertise throughout the year as a speaker at varied venues, including:

  • · Producer’s insurance panel sponsored by the Academy of Canadian Cinema & Television
    · Canadian Film Centre’s Film Resident Programme
    · Harvard Square Scriptwriters seminar
    · Ontario Media Development Corporation's Producer Internship Program
    · Montreal Film Festival producer’s insurance panel
    · National Screen Institute as associate faculty member
    · Queen’s University Department of Film Studies production classes
    · Rhode Island International Film Festival ScriptBiz workshop

Here are some unsolicited compliments on her presentations:

  • “Thank you very much for a very informative session! Even after doing clearances on our shows for 8 years, I still learned a lot!”
  • “Obviously very informative but also surprisingly entertaining. Loved the stories you shared.”
  • “Thanks again for your very enlightening session. It was great to hear your stories about the nuances of clearances.”
  • “Thank you SO much for the incredible presentation today—It was a real pleasure! It was the most surprising session (of the bootcamp).”

Anne Marie proudly received a 2010 PayBack Award, given in “recognition of outstanding contribution to CFC productions.”