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{What Our Clients Have Said}

Below is a sampling of unsolicited compliments from lawyers, producers, script supervisors, etc. Our devoted client base consists of one repeat customer after another…the ultimate compliment.

  • · “You make my job as production counsel much easier!”
    · “Yes, the reports are perfect—I think you strike the right balance between alerting us to the issue but not overdoing it.’
    · “Your turnaround time and pleasant way of dealing is always appreciated.”
    · “You guys were fast and extremely helpful.”
    · “I can’t thank you enough for your fast response to a big request… We always enjoy working with you but you really helped us (me) out this week by turning those scripts around so quickly.”
    · “Nice to be working together, appreciate all the hard work and timely responses from last year. You guys made my job so much easier!”
    · “Just wanted to say—YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!! Thanks for all the help and for dealing with all the endless craziness from me! I want to thank yourself and your team for such a tremendous job and being so patient and understanding with us and all of our requests for fast turn around.”
    · “Thank you SO much for your incredibly quick turnaround and for your clear and decisively written reports. These reports help my do my job faster and more efficiently.”
    · “I wanted to thank you for helping out our little show with the clearance report. We are working on such a small budget and with so little time and your help was amazing.”

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